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Brawl inside a Los Angeles Police Station Leads to Fired Shots and an Injured Officer

by Anthony McKenzie

An officer of the LAPD suffered non-life-threatening injuries after getting into an argument with a man in a police station. The offender managed to snatch the officer’s gun and fired a few rounds, fleeing when another officer returned fire.

The suspect was able to escape the police station without any injury. His vehicle was, however, stopped not far away and he was apprehended.

LAPD Chief, Michel Moore, disclosed that the injured officer only suffered some bruises and bumps. “He has been told to rest and should be okay,” Moore stated on Twitter.

The incident occurred late Saturday inside the premises of the Harbor station located in the Sen Pedro area of LA. The suspect strolled into the station and was met at the lobby by the officer who had a conversation with him.

Things then escalated into an altercation, which led to the cop’s gun being snatched from him by the suspect. The suspect immediately fired a few rounds at the officer. A watch commander who was, however, present during the incident interfered by shooting back at the attacker, who then fled the station.

The identity of the suspect has not been identified, though Moore revealed that he was 29 years of age.

There has been a recent rise in police attacks in LA. Just two weeks earlier, deputies of the LA Sheriff Department were ambushed while they were sitting in their police car in Compton. Though there was no casualty, they did suffer gunshot wounds.


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