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Chrissy Teigen Stops Using Twitter Due to its Toxicity

by Anthony McKenzie

It appears Chrissy Teigen is finally quitting the social media platform, Twitter for what she believes are the negativity that plagues it.

She announced her exit from the popular site to her fans and anyone else interested, ascribing her decision to the toxic nature of tweets, replies and interations that she is engaged with on the platform.

Chrissy, however, explained that she isn’t faced or affected by the negative activity of internet trolls and Qanon supporters that attck her on Twitter. She just doesn’t want to disappoint people and fall short of their expectations over and over.

She also could no longer deal with the anxiety of checking her Twitter posts as well as responses from her followers.

Chrissy has about 13.7 million followers on Twitter, which she joined in May 2009. He tried to be as responsible as possible on the social media platform to an extent that she apparently unfollowed President Biden so she wouldn’t feel so awful about tweeting obscenities and acting natural.

Chrissy’s not exiting the entire social media space though as she will still maintain her Instagram account.

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