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Cowboy Bebop Fans Wondering About Ed ‘Will be Delighted,’ Netflix Showrunner Says

by Anthony McKenzie

After being discussed for several years, a live-action adjustment of Cowboy Bebop is practically here, premiering on Netflix on November 19,2021 And in spite of displaying the cast of heroes led by John Cho’s Spike Spiegel, fans have actually questioned where the 4th member, Ed, may be.

In a brand-new interview showrunner and Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol film writer André Nemec informs Polygon that fans anticipating Ed should not stress.

” Ed– everyone needs to know about Ed!” Nemec states. “People will be … really pleased when they view the season.”

The individuals behind Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop have actually stated formerly that the hacker called Ed (complete name Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV) will remain in the series. With the primary cast exposed there’s still no Ed anywhere to be seen, nor any news about casting.


Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop First-Look Images


Still, Nemec appears quite positive that fans anticipating Ed will be pleased with the live-action Netflix series, which is as strong a verification as we’ll likely get prior to the series premieres in November.

The complete interview deserves a read for anybody curious about the instructions of the live-action series. According to Nemec, the live-action series is not going to “affect the anime” however “reside in the spirit” of the series. “There are certainly things that we can not accomplish with genuine individuals that an anime can,” Nemec states. Rather, the series will “develop out the continuing stories of Spike Spiegel and Jet Black and Faye Valentine.”

One location from the anime that was essential for the group to revive was the music of anime author Yoko Kanno, who will be making up the initial soundtrack for Netflix’s program. According to Nemec, Kanno has actually “totally reimagined” the music for the series, and old favorites from the anime will return in the Netflix program however in brand-new methods.


Cowboy Bebop is forming up to be a various type of anime adjustment than the ones we have actually seen from Netflix up until now. John Cho likewise just recently discussed handling the function of Spike, consisting of acknowledging the concerns some may have about his age.

We’ll need to wait up until November to see if Nemec and his group– that includes authors from Thor: Ragnarok, Sons of Anarchy, and Lost– will stick the landing.

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