Indiana “Cannibal Killer” Found Guilty of Murdering Ex-Girlfriend and Eating her Parts

There was palpable tension on Friday at a Clark County court as an Indiana man was convicted for stabbing his ex-girlfriend to death and eating her body parts.

39 years old Joseph Oberhansley had alleged that the victim, Tammy Jo Blanton had been killed by two unknown men who broke into her home and knocked him out. This, however, contradicted his earlier confession to the police that he had commited the heinous crime.

Acting as his own defense attorney, Oberhansley claimed he had no idea why the unknown men brutally killed Tammy even though they left him unconcious. He also said he had no clue who cooked and ate her heart, lungs, and parts of her brain.

On September 11 2014, Tammy Blanton was found dead in a bathtub in her Jeffersonville, Indiana, home. 25 stab wounds and injuries from blunt force was seen on her face, mouth, chest, throat, and fingers.

According to prosecutors, she had apparently called the cops on Oberhansley earlier in the day and he was asked to leave. But he then returned later and attacked the victim with a knife, stabbing her multiple times after kicking in the bathroom door.

DNA samples of both the victim and the suspect was found on a variety of household items including a kitchen tong, a frying pan, and a shirt that was recovered from the bathroom floor.

The case had earlier gone to trial in August 2019 but was declared a mistrial after a witness brought up Oberhansley’s criminal past.