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Eminem Takes Shots at 6ix9ine on Cordae’s ‘Parables (Remix)’

by Anthony McKenzie

Shady’s back and he has actually 6ix9ine in his views.

Eminem resurfaces with his initial track of 2022 on Cordae’s “Parables (Remix),” which shows up to the latter’s student album From a Birds Eye View On his spitfire knowledgeable, the Detroit rap artist takes chance ats Tekashi.

” It’s so difficult for me to fathom this was once my life/ Shit’ll make you wan na back down like an appeal offer/ So I deal with a beat like it’s Tekashi, spew on that particular bitch like Meek Mill,” he raps.

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The line is a referral to 6ix9ine’s racketeering situation, for which he approved an appeal offer, and Meek’s conflict with the” Trollz “rap artist in Atlanta early in 2015. In the middle of their beef, Meek asserted that Tekashi added on him as he was leaving a club and Meek reacted by spewing on him.

” The feds sent him to take me out wtf,” Meek claimed after the scuffle. “Had to spew on him so he pulled back lol he truly waited outside the club for me … I assumed I was fantasizing wtf we practically smoked him lol he postured a lil hazard turning up in the parking area awaiting me.”

Elsewhere on his knowledgeable, Em recommendations the Obama family. “I was shateringly timid, currently I take pride in myself/ Like Obama’s children, I came outta my covering (Michelle),” he raps.

In a meeting with Apple Music, Cordae opened regarding getting a final knowledgeable from Eminem for his album. “It was just a buzzer beater, you know. It was absolutely some final street hoops and buzzer beaters. I value brother for sending out via that buzz beater,” he claimed while recognizing Em’s impact.

” Any musicians with involving a lyricist technique with making music in hip-hop, certainly has some kind of Eminem impact. It’s like difficult not to it,” he included. “My initial track that I brought out was the ‘My Name Is Remix.’ That informs you all, I require to claim regarding what I believe of Eminem and just how much his music has actually implied to me.”

From a Birds Eye View likewise features looks from Lil Wayne, Nas, Stevie Wonder, Lil Durk, and H.E.R.


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