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Epic Games Buys SuperAwesome, a Kid-Safe Tech Company

by Anthony McKenzie

Epic Games, renowned for developing the most popular game of the decade, Fortnite, has bought the tech company SuperAwesome. This is a continuation of the company’s expansion plan as the new acquisition is a company that develops tools that help improve the digital safety of young consumers.

This purchase follows a string of other acquisitions carried out by Epic Games, though it is the first one that isn’t actually a game developer or an animation tech firm. Previous purchases have included Psyonix, Rocket League developer and the animation tech company that worked on God of War.

A press release from Epic Games stated the following: “SuperAwesome is a kid’s web services platform that provides a toolkit for parental consent management. This makes it so much easier for young users and adults to savor incredible gaming experiences from developers.”

Superawesome’s services and tools are already being used by big companies like NBC Universal, Lego, and Hasbro.

“Superawesome will continue to be loyal to all existing customers and will work with Epic Games to make the internet a lot more safer for kids”, the release continued.

Epic CEO Tim Sweeney explained that the acquisition was necessary as a lot of kids now interact online…more than ever before. Though there isn’t accurate data to back the premise, it is believed that Fortnite attracts far more younger players than older ones.


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