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Here’s Why Queen Naija Is Thinking About Changing Her Legal Name

by Anthony McKenzie
Here’s Why Queen Naija Is Considering A Legal Name Change

Queen Naija, whose legal name is also her stage name, has actually exposed she’s thinking about a name modification due to lots of people thinking the “Karma” vocalist is refering to herself as the Queen of Nigeria.

In a now-deleted tweet, the 25- year-old composed, “I believe I wan na lawfully alter the spelling of my middle name ‘Naija’ to ‘Najah’ trigger numerous individuals believe I’m calling myself the Queen of Nigeria.”

In truth, her middle name, Naija, has numerous significances throughout various languages, and according to numerous reports, indicates knowledge or child of knowledge. Queen Naija’s mom is of African-American and Italian descent, and her daddy, who she confesses she does not understand, is Arab.

Several commenters presumed the vocalist was trolling while other fans felt the statement was abrupt and originated from something internal. She’s been greatly weighing a name modification for rather some time.

When speaking on the origin of her name throughout a 2018 interview, the Michigan native specified that her mom called her Queen Naija due to the fact that “she stated it ‘d be a great phase name since she understood I was gon na be a star.” She exposed that Queen originated from her granny and Naija originated from her daddy.

Due to individuals continuously mispronouncing and misspelling her name, the mom of 2 described that she’s thought about altering her middle name “a great deal of times,” however feels it would be “ill-mannered” to her moms and dads.

What name would she utilize if she did choose to take the leap? Simple: Queen. Or not so easy: Queen B since her surname is Bulls, however in her own words, “That’s so normal.” It appears, for now, the skilled vocalist stays Queen Naija.

Check out an interview where Queen Naija discusses her special name and ethnic culture listed below:

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