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Baby Keem Leaks ‘The Melodic Blue’ Tracklist

by Anthony McKenzie
Infant Keem Exposes ‘The Melodic Blue’ Tracklist

Baby Keem’s The Melodic Blue drops Friday.

Just 2 days prior to the album’s release, he has actually exposed the main tracklist. In addition to the very first single “household ties” with Kendrick Lamar, the 16- track set consists of the Travis Scott-assisted “durag activity,” together with “cocoa” including Don Toliver. Other track titles consist of “pink panties,” “variety siblings,” and “booman.”

Keem has actually likewise shared a cinematic trailer including a bit of a brand-new tune that samples serpentwithfeet’s “redemption.”

The Melodic Blue, which follows 2019’s Die for My Bitch, will be launched on pgLang in collaboration with Columbia Records.

” An album is something that’s truly cohesive, in either noise or subject. And for me, that’s how I type of see me making an album,” Keem informed Apple Music. “ Die for My Bitch was, like, absolutely, it was all over the location. I simply desire individuals to hear what I can do.”

Additionally, Keem can be heard along with Travis Scott on “Praise God” off Kanye West’s DONDA

The Melodic Blue Tracklist

1. “hallmark U.S.A.”

2. “pink panties”

3. “scapegoats”

4. “variety bros”

5. “problems”

6. “beautiful”

7. “south africa”

8. “lost souls”

9. “cocoa” with put on toliver

10 “household ties” with kendrick lamar

11 “scars”

12 “durag activity” with travis scott

13 “booman”

14 “initially agenda”

15 “vent”

16 “16”

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