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Jeff Lowe from ‘Tiger King’ Claims He was Poisoned after Suffering a Stroke

by Anthony McKenzie

Jeff Lowe is still recuperating from a stroke he initially suffered from in an Oklahoma casino even as he and his better half still insist that somebody may have poisoned his drink, exposing his life to danger.

Wife of the ‘Tiger King’, Lauren, told entertainment news outlet, TMZ, that when she saw him around 3 AM on March 18 at WinStar World Casino where they were lodging. She immediately called the emergency line. She basically thought her husband was dying in her arms.

Jeff was flown straight to a emergency clinic in Denton, TX after the EMT that responded to his wife call found out that he had suffered a stroke. Lauren also belie ved that it was only by luck that the effect of the stroke on her husband wasn’t worse.

She claimed though that doctors are still in the dark on what caused Jeff’s stroke despite carrying out a series of medical tests, and that made her dubious about the event.

She believes Jeff may been poisoned by a man who came over to greet them when Jeff and her were on a date prior to him suffering a stroke. The stranger apparently knew a lot about the couple including their favorite drinks. And after saying hello, he proceeded to hang out with a group of Tiger King fans waitng nearby for selfies.

Drug tests that were carried out on Jeff came out negative, which made Lauren to believe that the strange person may have utilized a much more outlandish drug. She also said that they have not revealed their theory to cops yet.

Jeff has returned home from the hospital to continue his recuperation, though, Lauren said he’s actually experiencing issues with speech and coordination.

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