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Joe Biden to Abandon His Healthcare Plan Once Elected

by Anthony McKenzie

Reports emanating from the camp of the presidential candidate of the democratic party suggests that he is not committed to fighting for his own healthcare plan. According to the media outlet, the hill, members of the former vice president’s team are already doing a round about on his healthcare policy.

This change in rhetoric from Biden stems from the notion that passing a healthcare bill that is even slightly progressive like his public option healthcare plan is almost impossible. There are already echoes around the democratic party that the best to expect from Biden if he his elected president is a moderate expansion of Obamacare.

It wasn’t long ago that Biden, who is a strong opponent of Medicare for All, vowed to veto the highly popular yet controversial healthcare plan if it is passed in congress. Despite insisting that the public option is the ideal plan to implement in the US, it is unlikely that the democratic nominee will be following through with his promise.

Healthcare has always been one of the major issues for voters in the US, but with the corona virus outbreak that has infected millions and killed over 150,000 Americans, it is only second to the economy in terms of importance to voters.

Regardless of what Biden’s healthcare proposal is, he still needs to defeat a very resilient incumbent republican president to have any shot of implementing his proposal. But with him already backtracking on his desired healthcare plan, a solution to the US’ healthcare crisis doesn’t seem to be coming to an end any time soon.



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