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Larry Elder and Group in Nasty Conflict, Eggs and Punches Thrown

by Anthony McKenzie
Larry Senior Citizen and Group in Nasty Conflict, Eggs and Punches Thrown

Larry Elder didn’t appear to win over any citizens in Venice, CA where a project stop turned unsightly as a female attempted to egg him, tossed punches … and somebody even fired a pellet weapon!!!

The conservative talk program host, and Republican leader in the CA Governor recall election– made the journey to the beach neighborhood Tuesday to deal with the homeless crisis, however got a really hostile welcoming from a minimum of one female using a gorilla mask.

Breaking: A flying egg directly missed out on the back of recall prospect @larryelder’s head after it was tossed by an activist using a gorilla mask in Venice. A scuffle broke out and the prospect was accompanied into an SUV.

Here’s the raw (pun planned)
CW: f-bombs@SpecNews1SoCal pic.twitter.com/FeFx3wnuSD

— Kate Cagle (@KateCagle) September 8,2021

Video reveals the lady toss an egg, simply missing out on the back of Elder’s head … and after that among his staffers rapidly got in her face. She didn’t pull back and loudly threatened the guy, prior to carrying back and punching him. He did not strike back, however then another guy stepped up and barked hazards at Elder and his group.

The nasty face-off continued up until security blended the prospect into a waiting SUV.

Law enforcement sources inform TMZ … somebody from the crowd fired a pellet weapon– although it’s not on video– and struck a member of Elder’s group. We’re informed police officers are examining, however no one’s been detained.

Larry’s getting great deals of attention as the leading Republican prospect in a congested field wanting to change incumbent California Gov. Gavin Newsom, who is up for a recall.

Tuesday is the due date to cast a vote, and it’s fuming boiling down the house stretch.

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