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Latest on Young Sheldon Season 5 Renewal

by Anthony McKenzie

If you’ve just finished watching season 4 of the CBS comedy hit, Young Sheldon, you don’t have worry about the show’s possible renewal.

It has just been announced that the television series will be renewed for 3 more seasons, which means you will be enjoying a season 5, 6, and 7.

Young Sheldon is a spin-off series of the popular CBS show, The Big Bang Theory. It pretty much focuses of the childhood of the Sheldon Cooper, who happens to be the main character of the previous show.

The show stars Iain Armitage, who plays the role of the titular character, the young Sheldon Cooper. It was last renewed in 2019 for seasons and the latest renewal will see the show go on for 3 more seasons…atleast.

The just concluded season 4 of Young Sheldon saw Sheldon Cooper graduating from highschool at the age of 11 and going to college. The season expanded Sheldon’s challenges with social interaction even though his impressive intellect continues to thrive.

Young Sheldon premiered on CBS in 2017 and also stars Lance Barber, Zoe Perry and Montana Jordan.

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