1 Person Injured as 2 Vehicles Run through Protesters at Los Angeles’ Breonna Taylor Protest

2 vehicles run through crowd in Breonna Taylor protest

According to reports, at least one person has been injured after two vehicles ran through a large crowd of protestors in the Hollywood area of Los Angeles. About 300 demonstrators had gathered to protest the decision of the Attorney General in the Breonna Taylor’s case.

The first incident that occured around 9pm on thursday saw a Ford pickup truck, which was moving beside a protesting group at Sunset Boulevard suddenly clatter into the crowd, hitting one person.  The person that was hit suffered minor injuries and was transported to a local hospital for treatment.

The second incident occured a little later, and involved a white Prius that was trying to drive around the protest. An altercation ensued between the driver of the Prius and members of the protesting crowd. This climaxed with a black pick-up Truck involved in the protest accelerating towards the Prius and pinning it until it came to a stop.

As the driver of Prius tried to escape, a green Mustang also involved in the protest blocked its exit. The drivers of the black Truck and the Mustang tried to apprehend person inside the Prius, but the individual managed to escape.

Hollywood Officers, however, detained the Prius driver and luckily there was no casualty. Investigations into the two incidents continue.