21-year-old Lemur Stolen from San Francisco Zoo Found in a Church Playground

Police said a 21-year-old male lemur which was stolen from the San Francisco zoo has been found Thursday.

Maki was reported missing just before the zoo opened for visitors on Wednesday.

During investigations, forced entry into the lemur enclosure was discovered.

According to Nancy Chan, the zoo’s spokeswoman, Maki was born in 1999 at the zoo.

The zoo’s website also noted that the zoo accommodates seven different species of lemur from Madagascar, some of which are currently endangered, in its outdoor lemur habitats.

On Thursday evening, officials responded to a call reporting that the ring-tailed lemur was sighted in the playground area of the Hope Lutheran Church, Daly City.

The Daly City police tweeted that Maki was contained until the arrival of zoo staff who found it to be healthy and took it back home.

However, Investigations are still ongoing regarding the break-in, detectives said.