Alabama Power to Begin Disconnecting Non-Paying Customers on September 28

alabama power to disconnect customers

Due to the covid-19 crisis and the economic impact on Alabamians, No non-paying customer of Alabama Power has been disconnected. This is, however, going to change starting from September 28, 2020. The electricity company has stated that it will begin the disconnection of customers still owing electricity bills.

Since March when corona virus cases peaked across the US, no Alabama resident have had his or her electricity disconnected. The grace-period is coming to end though. This could have a negative impact on Alabamians as hundreds of thousands will be without electricity for the foreseeable future.

There has, however, been some resistance to this decision as some local activists have demanded a less chaotic resolution. One local activist, Celida Soto, believes that Alabama Power being a multi-billion dollar company with over 6 billion dollars in revenue shouldn’t put such financial burden on struggling Alabama residents.

“Many people don’t even know that they are about to lose their power because the notice was posted online and sent to few local media outlets. We have provided a list of more bearable solutions to Alabama Power. One of the solutions is working out an income based repayment plan with each customer,” she said.

Studies carried out on the impending disconnections believe it will affect about 21% of Alabama residents.