Angry Edmond Locals Sign Petition over Current Water Rates

Locals voiced their anger over water rates in Edmond after water bills rise to $450.

When compared to multiple metropolitan areas, recent Edmond water bills cost about $2 more for a thousand gallon per residential buildings.

Britnee Joyner, whose water bill for August is at $450 but started in June at $80, considers the increment outrageous. She exclaimed, “this is crazy”.

Joyner relocated to Edmond from Moore in May. As she showed, her utility bills have reached up to $1,150.

The city is currently amidst a master plan which started from December 2013.

The water and wastewater master plan notes that the water system is experiencing workout due to the city’s growth over recent decades. The plan hence included the employment engineers who would develop a plan for the future. Consequently, Edmond’s current water rates were approved by the city’s council in agreement with the identified longterm needs of the plan.

Joyner said the residents want to know the reasons they could not vote regarding the plan.

In Mustang, water rates range from $3.34 to $4.15. Del City, the rates are between $3.75-$4.75. Moore, water rate stands at $3.66. Yukon, $4.05, and Oklahoma City, $3.42. In comparison, Edmond’s water rate is almost seven thousand dollars for a thousand gallon for residential building.

Joyner exclaimed that residents cannot afford that.

Other locals also joined in the conversation. They all stated that their water bills are now over $300. According to Edmond’s 2019-2022 water rates plan, the bills will continue to rise and eventually hit $8.35 per thousand gallons come 2023, November 1.

The Aptel family also cut in saying they will be forced to adjust future plans and live a little bit leaner.

Joyner noted she has commenced a petition that already has more than 1,000 signatures Thursday on the matter.

She said the time has come for Edmond locals to give the water and wastewater plan some thoughts as to decide if it was right for them or not.