Breonna Taylor’s Boyfriend Dragged to Court by Louisville Police Officer

Kenneth Walker, Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend, has been dragged to court by a Kentucky police officer.

Sergeant Jonathan Mattingly, the Louisville Metro Police, alleged that Walker fired a shot at his thigh while the search in Tailor’s home was ongoing. He claims the shot violates all standards of decency and morality, plus it was shocking and unacceptable.

Charges pressed include emotional distress, battery and assault.

Steve Romines, Walker’s attorney, condemns the legal move as unfounded. He said it is merely an attempt to further aid the victimization and intimidation of Taylor’s boyfriend.

Having been woken from sleep by police intrusion at her home, Breonna Tailor was shot several times by the police until she could not survive sustained injuries. The police who were executing a narcotics warrant had opened fire following Walker’s shot. Walker, however, noted that he mistook the police for an intrude. Moreover, police did not find any drug in the home.