California Set to be Hit with Power Cuts as Weekend Weather becomes Warm and Windy

Officials of California’s biggest electricity company has warned of the impact of the dry, hot, and windy weather in the central and northern parts of the state. They believe that it is likely to ignite new forest fires and exacerbate already burning fires.

Pacific Gas and Electric stated on Friday that there may be power cuts from Sunday till Monday. This is certain to affect over 90,000 customers that reside in 16 counties. The cuts in electricity were originally meant to begin on Saturday, September 26 and affect 3 counties that harbor 21,000 customers. This was, however, re-evaluated and adjusted to get the new figures.

Earlier in the month, Pacific Gas and Electric cut the power of about 167,000 homes after heavy winds were predicted. This was done after facing criticism for cutting off power to over 2 million homes last year.

Equipment belonging to PG&E have been known to spark past forest fires including the notoriously popular fire in 2018. The 2018 wildfires decimated a large part of Sierra foothills town of Paradise killing 85 people.