Councilor for Boston City, Michelle Wu Joins the Race to become Mayor

Michelle Wu, a Boston City councilor has officially become a candidate for the 2021 election to the Boston Mayor office.

In a compelling video released by her campaign, she put forward a people-centric plan that she intends to execute if she successfully wins the Mayoral race. “The Boston we love is a city that takes care of each other, where hard work meets big dreams with grit and resilience. But for too many, during this pandemic and well before, it’s been impossible to dream when you’re fighting to hold on,” she began in the two minute video that is certain to appeal to Boston City residents who are frustrated by the present times.

“I’m running for Mayor to make Boston a city for everyone,” she continued, proceeding to list the growing number of challenges plaging the popular city in the state of Massachusetts.

The rest of the announcement video includes her struggles as the daughter of an immigrant as well as her impressive rise to the positon of Boston City councilor.

A few weeks back, Wu told the present Mayor, Marty Walsh of her plans to run for office and rumors of her possible candidacy had been around a while back. A stern critic of Mayor Walsh, she plans to right the wrongs of his tenure and put Boston city on the map of progress once again.