Louisville Braces for Chaos as Police Announces a State of Emergency Before the Breonna Taylor Decision

As the city of Louisville anxiously waits for an announcement in regards to the killing of Breonna Taylor, the police in the city has declared a state of emergency. This means some federal government buidings will be closed this week and the operations of the Louisville PD will be more apparent through the city.

Among the federal buildings that plan to be closed this week are The US Citizenship and Immigration Services based in the city and The Gene Snyder Courthouse. All court appearances this week will either be rescheduled or turned to videoconference court proceedings.

Interim Chief of the Louisville Metro Police Department announced the declaration on Monday, September 21, stating the importance of the declaration in letting the department function with emergency staffing as well as operation protocols.

Breonna Taylor, 26, was killed after being shot during the execution of a no-knock warrant that was carried out by a team of cops late in the night on March 13, 2020.

Till this day, none of the officers involved in the incident have detained, arrested, or charged. In fact, two are still working for the police department while the third officer who was fired is suing to get his job back.

This has led to nation-wide BLM protests that has plagued the US for months, with protesters calling for police reform and justice in the killings of several unharmed black victims by cops.

State Attorney General, Daniel Cameron, will be making the announcements on his office’s findings in the Breonna Taylor case, after taking over investigation due to outcries from angry Americans seeking justice for the deceased, former healthcare worker.