Man Faces Charges for Hiding 37 pounds of Methamphetamine in Spare Tyre in Mississippi

Officials allegedly found a 37.5 pounds of methamphetamine inside a spare tire kept in a vehicle after the driver was pulled over for a traffic-related crime in Mississippi.

According to Law Enforcement Agencies, a driver was spotted driving a pickup van carelessly along an interstate close to Flowood early October after which the Scott County Sheriff’s Office and the Flowood Police Department pulled him over.

While conducting the stop, the officers found 17 kilograms of methamphetamine which worths about $350, 000 street value in the tyre which was found in the bed of the truck.

Mike Lee, Scott County Sheriff, said the suspect was made to face a charge of aggravated trafficking in methamphetamine.

It is unclear if the suspect was taken into custody.

Also, details about the suspect were not immediately released.