Man Fatally Stabs Acquaintance While Eating Together at a Restaurant in Califonia

A man has been taken into police custody for stabbing an acquittance to death at a black bear dinner in Califonia.

The suspect who was later identified had Robert Andrino, 34, and the victim were eating together at a restaurant in Lodi Friday evening when an argument broke out between them, witnesses told authorities.

According to witnesses, the argument proliferated into a fight after which Andrino pulled a knife and stabbed his partner multiple times.

Before officers arrived at the scene, a customer interfered and forcefully took the knife from him.

While trying to disarm the suspect the customer sustained a cut to his hand which was later treated at a hospital nearby.

At police’ arrival, they found a man with multiple injuries at the restaurant. He was taken to a hospital nearby where he later died from the wounds.

The suspect was taken into custody on a murder investigation.

Police said investigations are ongoing to ascertain the kind of relationship the victim and Andrino shared and the cause of the fight.

Victim’s details were withheld until the next of kin is notified.