Teacher at Corner Canyon Narrowly Survives COVID, Anticipates Return to Classroom

A teacher at Corner Canyon High School Draper, Utah is back home after being admitted to the hospital for coronavirus.

The loving Charri Jensen said she started receiving calls and gifts from her students who fondly call her “mama J” once they got the news of her COVID-19 status.

Jensen described the show of love in joy. She said it was unbelievable the way her students reached out during the period.

Regarding the students as her kids and family, she said their prayers and cheers have probably quickened her recovery.

Jensen noted she woke up after passing out for 8days to a room filled with cards and notes in the hospital. She felt she was only out for 24 hours until Talesha her daughter told her otherwise.

The experience has been evidently tough, seeing her speak with a breathing tube Tuesday.

Narrating her experience, Jensen said everything was blur after waking up. She could not move.

Jensen advises everyone to give the virus as well as happenings around necessary attention. People should not assume they have cold but rather go for tests to ascertain their condition, she added.

She said she now views the pandemic and it capabilities from a new vantage point.

Jensen voiced her excitement at being one of those who survived the disease considering many others who didn’t.

She is not completely recovered. Doctors said it will take weeks for her to return “normalcy”.

Finally, she expressed her desire and excitement to return to the classroom when she fully recovers and Corner Canyon School resumes in-person learning.