Teacher in California Rises to Students’ Rescue During a Burglary while Remote Learning was Ongoing

A Californian mom expresses her gratitude towards her children’s teacher who arose to safe the situation following a breaking into the victims’ home while remote learning was ongoing.

Reyna Luna said her kids are still terror struck after they sighted a man break into their home through the window.

Jennifer Peterson, who always ensures to log off only when every one of her students have done so, suspected a problem when she noticed that two of her student remained online.

She said she could read terror on the children’s’ faces.

It was reported that a man was seen running through the house having entered through the front side window. However, the man allegedly stated that he doesn’t want to steal or break anything before he escaped through the back door.

Peterson said she stayed online with the kids pending the arrival of the police whom she called when the kids started calling for help.

The teacher said she credits her instinct as a parent. Luna, however, named her a hero.