Teenager to Receive Courage Award for Recording George Floyd’s Death

The literary and human rights organization, PEN America, has announced it will be giving a Courage Award to Darnella Frazier, 17,  for filming the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police.

Suzanne Nossel, the CEO of PEN America, in a statement Tuesday commended the teenager whom she noted recorded the killing with merely sheer guts and a cell phone. She said Darnella sparked a brave movement that now commands a stop to violence at the hands of police and anti-Black racism in the system.

The Courage Award will be shared by Frazier and Marie Yovanovitch, who was sacked by the Trump administration while serving as the U.S. ambassador to Ukraine.

The Gala event which will now hold online had been postponed to December 8 from May 6, six days to Floyd’s Death, due to the outbreak of Covid-19.

Nossel noted in a statement that the award is in recognition and elevation of the singular act, as against the strong criticisms the 17-year-old teenager faced when the video was first released.