UK49s Lunchtime Results for January 24, 2021

lunchtime results

The lunchtime results is the results of the UK49s lottery, which is held everyday at 12:49 pm. It is the most popular lottery played in South Africa.

The UK49s lunchtime result for January 24 is:

6 12 16 26 43 49 Booster 8

What is the Lunchtime Results?

Lunchtime results is the daily published results of the UK49s lottery for lunchtime.

It is released everyday at about 12.49 PM United Kingdom time. The lunchtime results is made up of 6  numbered balls that are drawn and one bonus or booster ball.

How to Play the 49s Lunchtime Lottery

You can pick 7 numbers including the booster number or just play one number. The official page of the 49s lottery publishes all the lunchtime results.