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Man Sets Police SUV on Fire while Officer was Inside in Seattle

by Kevin Woodward

Authorities said a man has been arrested for reportedly throwing a blazing log into a Seattle Police SUV at the time an officer was inside.

Police responded to a call reporting a man who was carrying a burning object in the South Lake Union area.

While conducting a search, an officer sighted the suspect walking down an alley with a flaming log. Video released Friday afternoon shows a man shouting obscenity and refusing to stop at Officer Caleb Pomazon’s orders.

As body camera video reveals, the officer drove closer and told the suspect again to stop. The suspect turned and ran towards the SUV, throwing the blazing wood into the vehicle. The officer, in response, fired several shots but non hit the suspect.

According to a police report, the man fled but was chased into a parking garage, tased and arrested.

Officer Pomazon fell out a right-side door and moved away from the burning SUV, surveillance video shows.

Assistant Chief Deana Nollete said he sustained some minor burn wounds and has been placed on paid administrative live.

The fire gutted the vehicle.

Details about the suspect are not released at the moment.

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