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‘Mean Girls’ Musical Star Renee Rapp on Playing a Mean Girl in ‘The Sex Lives of College Girls’

by Kevin Woodward

Four women share a dormitory– and fresher year experiences– in Mindy Kaling and Justin Noble’s brand-new HBO Max comedy, The Sex Lives of College Girls One woman in the quartet is the inescapable mean girl in the lot: Leighton, an affluent blonde who regularly and haughtily makes it be known that she takes into consideration every person else hardly worthwhile of her time and interest.

Playing her is Reneé Rapp, a promising skill who currently had actually refined her mean-girl chops depicting Regina George in the Broadway musical variation of Mean Girls

” I assume with Leighton, you like to despise her,” states Rapp, 21, who brings snide with a side of amusing to the role in The Sex Lives of College Girls, which premiered on Nov. 18 and goes down brand-new episodes Nov. 25.

” Leighton’s an extremely bigoted girl who originates from an extremely abundant and well-off family on the Upper East Side of New York,” continues Rapp of her personality. “Her experience mosting likely to university is that for the very first time, she’s out of the convenience of her very own home and her very own scenario and having the ability to stroll right into every space and have company and have space. For the very first time, that’s being tested a bit.”

Leighton is additionally concealing an individual key that she remains to come to grips with as the season advances. “You sort of begin to see her decipher in such a way,” states Rapp. “That’s extremely frightening for her yet type of cleansing to view– due to the fact that he or she requires to be shaken. She does not make wonderful choices neither is she always a kind individual. As you begin to peel off back some of the layers, with any luck she comes to be not as judgmental as she has actually been in the past.”

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Rob Huebel and Reneé Rapp in ‘The Sex Lives of College Girls’ Courtesy of HBO Max

Rapp matured in Huntersville, North Carolina, beyond Charlotte, and acted in senior high school cinema manufacturings prior to ultimately transferring to New York, where she won the component in Mean Girls She played the role from mid-2019 till March 2020, when Broadway closed down because of the COVID-19 pandemic. It was later on announced that Mean Girls would certainly not re-open on Broadway when staged manufacturings in New York returned to.

She auditioned for Sex Lives a couple of weeks after her time in Mean Girls involved an end. “It was a long, extensive procedure of call backs and [meetings] over Zoom in the center of the pandemic,” remembers Rapp who won the component in September of in 2014 and shot the series throughout virtually 6 months, both on the Warner Bros. whole lot in Burbank and in upstate New York at Vassar College. “It’s a beautiful school. I was enduring my Hogwarts desire,” she includes.

Rapp talked with The Hollywood Reporter concerning dealing with the HBO Max series, transferring to Los Angeles from New York and her love of music.

How do you like L.A.?

I’m expanding to like it. It’s fascinating. I’m from North Carolina and I know since I located the North Carolina in L.A. since I reside in drowsy little Burbank, which is incredible, however additionally in some cases I never ever leave my residence.

How would certainly you explain the show for a person who hasn’t seen it?

It’s actually disorder. It’s a really disorderly unpleasant representation of 4 women’s lives in university for the very first time outdoors. I assume you reach see there are success and losses and a great deal of times you reach see their losses raw and in actual time. It’s just a fucking mess.

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Alyah Chanelle Scott and Reneé Rapp in ‘The Sex Lives of College Girls’ Courtesy of HBO Max

Did you and your 3 lead cast friends, Pauline Chalamet, Amrit Kaur, Alyah Chanelle Scott, end up being close?

We’ve known each other at this moment as long and we’ve really matured with each other it seems like. Several of my favored memories are of fooling around, and I know that’s not truly efficient always to the show or the work procedure. We created an a capella team. When the 4 people would certainly begin to get actually delirious at 4 a.m., we would certainly stalk the team and claim, “Do you wish to hear our tune? Yeah? No?” And we would certainly do it anyhow.

Was that just a single point or did this little vocal singing team keep going?

We were plaguing individuals and being a bit irritating. It wound up exercising in our support as it just made us closer. We started with “You Are My Sunshine.” And it ended up being a point. I would certainly ask our DP, “Can we sing the clappers? Take one, take 2, 3.” And after that we would certainly begin singing those. That’s when individuals began to get truly upset. We began to sing whatever.

What was Mindy Kaling like to deal with?

She’s a giant. Whenever you see somebody who is a comedy symbol, you see exactly how effing amusing she is. And fulfilling her for the very first time, I was startled by just how much of a businesswoman she is also. She has an extremely apparent power and she has the area.

Did you have any kind of affection planners on set for the sex scenes?

Yes we had an affection planner, Kelly Flynn, who we would certainly all most likely concur is essential to the show and its success and our psychological health and wellness and health. Kelly was constantly there with us, chatting us with whatever on the phone with us days prior to we would certainly movie something. And for me that was actually handy. I have a great deal of anxiousness, and I would certainly have days where I would certainly be extremely anxious and Kelly would be extremely responsive and state, “Hey if this is not the day to do it, it’s not the day.” Which made me more comfy to movie the scene, understanding I remained in excellent hands and had a person to keep an eye out for me.

You’re additionally seeking your music profession along with the show?

Yes. My music profession is why I transferred to New York to begin with. I enjoy pop R&B. That’s my puppy love. I’ve been singing since I remained in baby diapers, and I utilized to host shows for my family and I would certainly hop on the coffee table and ask everyone to be peaceful and I would certainly sing.


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