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Member of Dobrik’s Vlog Squad Accused of Sexual Assault

by Anthony McKenzie
dobrik vlog squad
David Dobrik’s “Vlog Squad,” which is among the most cherished and popular channels on YouTube, is presently under attack after a lady who appeared in a 2018 vlog on Dobrik’s channel claims she was sexually assaulted.
The unidentified lady who is a college student from LA disclosed that members of the Vlog Squad offered her and her friends alcohol even thouh they were under the legal age. YouTube star and previous Vlog Squad partner, Trisha Paytas, validated the claims to Insider, insisting that she left the party quickly after she noticed the unpleasant underae drinking)
The victim claims the alcohol incapacitated her, but it, however, didn’t stop Zeglaitis from carrying out the sexual assault.
Though her memory of the night and precisely what took place is blurry, she did recall the incident with Zeglaitis.
A friend of the victim also clarifies that other members of the Vlog Squad watched the act occur,  with Dobrik himself verifyin it in a video.
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