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Mortal Kombat Director Worried the Film May Bomb

by Anthony McKenzie

Mortal kombat movie bombing

Simon McQuoid isn’t certain that his Mortal Kombat movie will be positively received one month from now on HBO Max.

He’s uncertain of how Warner Bros will rate the performance of the video game movie, particularly in the current conditions of a covid pandemic.
With a cinema release out of the question, streaming may or may not be profitable for the movie.

Such vulnerabilities are normal when you consider that the film took quite a while to make.

Hence, Simon McQuoid’s concern for Mortal Kombat’s perfomance is certainly based on quite a logical analysis.

In a new media interview, he said:

“Likely two years prior, it would have been bix office weekend, however, that doesn’t exist any longer. So, I don’t have a clue how this movie will perform.”

Because of the retrictions, moviegoers aren’t so optimistic about new moviereleases.Though not all new films are released on streaming platforms, those that are aren’t really doing too well…Wonder Woman 1984 comes to mind.

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