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Neil Young Threatens to Pull Music From Spotify Over Joe Rogan’s ‘Disinformation’ About COVID

by Anthony McKenzie

Neil Young is taking a position.

On Monday (January 24), the 76- year-old artist apparently demanded his administration group and record tag intimidate to draw his music from Spotify, mentioning the COVID-19 “disinformation” being spread out on Joe Rogan‘s podcast.

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” I am doing this due to the fact that Spotify is spreading out phony info regarding injections– possibly creating fatality to those who think the disinformation being spread out by them,” Neil wrote in an open letter on his internet site that has actually since been erased, according to Rolling Stone “Please act upon this promptly today and keep me notified of the moment schedule.”

” I desire you to allow Spotify know quickly TODAY that I desire all my music off their system. They can have [Joe] Rogan or Young. Not both,” Neil included.

Throughout the COVID pandemic, the 54- year-old host of Spotify’s The Joe Rogan Experience podcast has actually been spreading out deceptive and incorrect details concerning the infection, and made questionable statements informing youngsters not to get immunized against COVID.

Late in 2014, a team of 270 researchers, teachers, and median specialist wrote an open letter to Spotify, asking for that the streaming service carry out a false information plan over what Joe has actually been claiming on his podcast.

” By enabling the breeding of incorrect and societally damaging assertions, Spotify is allowing its organized media to harm public count on clinical study and plant uncertainty in the trustworthiness of data-driven advice supplied by physician,” they wrote.

They included, “Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Joe Rogan has actually continuously spread out deceptive and incorrect claims on his podcast, prompting suspect in scientific research and medication.”

After Aaron Rodgers examined favorable for COVID in November 2021, he stated that he “spoken with” Joe for suggestions on just how to improve.


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