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Police Fatally Shoots a Black Man in Philadelphia Saying He “advanced towards” Them

by Kevin Woodward

A 27-year-old Black man was killed Monday afternoon following a shooting by police in a predominantly Black area in West Philadelphia.

Tanya Little, police spokesperson, said the shooting took place at around 4:00 p.m. following officers’ response to a call from the Cobbs Creek area. The caller reported a man holding a weapon.

When police arrived at the scene, they found a man, who was later identified as Walter Wallace, holding a knife.

Little said Wallace refused to drop the knife when the police ordered him to. Officers shot at him several times when the suspect advanced at them with the weapon. The gunshots hit Wallace in the shoulder and the chest, Little added.

Wallace was declared dead shortly after at a hospital where one of the officers took him to in a police vehicle.

Protesters hit the street in their hundreds late Monday into early Tuesday, yelling at officers and chanting “black lives matter”. The protests which resulted in violence has left cops cars and dumpsters burnt. After more than a dozen officers formed a line and ran down 52nd street chasing protesters away, the protesters retreated to a large extent.

According to Little, there were no records of officers and bystanders suffering from any injuries.

Police have currently withheld the involved officers’ identities and said they are now taken off street duty as investigations are ongoing.

Videos did not show if Wallace was holding a knife. However, witnesses said he did.

Walter Wallace Sr., the victim’s father, said his son had some struggles with his mental health and was on medications. He is asking questions as to why the officers didn’t use tasers.

The Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw after arriving at the scene a short while after the shooting said investigations will address all questions surrounding the shooting.

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