Kamala Harris Becomes Biden’s VP

After much intense waiting, Joe Biden has finally announced his running mate for the upcoming election. California Senator Kamala Harris has been selected to run beside the democratic presidential nominee. The news, which was broken via Biden’s twitter account, finally put to an end the controversy of who Biden’s VP pick would be.

Kamala Harris had shot up to become one of the two favourites for the position when it became clear that a “woman of color” was the main criteria being considered. The other major contender for the position was former secretary of state, Condoleezza Rice. She has, however, been ignored in favor of the California Senator.

It is noteworthy that Kamala Harris was also a presidential candidate who bowed out of the decomcratic primary before the first ballot was cast. During her presidential run, she had sparred with Biden on the debate stage on mostly his record on racial policies.

Her presidential run will, however, be remebered for the body slam it received by the hands of congresswoman, Tulsi Gabbard when they debated Harris’ record as a criminal prosecutor.

Nevertheless, Harris has secured another possible route to the white house after being named as the Democratic Party’s Vice Presidential candidate.