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‘She’s All That’ Star Divorce Finally Finalized

by Anthony McKenzie

Rachael Leigh Cook is formally single and all set to say goodbye to matrimony. She is also now able to travel due to the fact that her last divorce settlement restricted the miles she was able to travel.

According to TMZ, new legal docs show that the “She’s All That” star gets to keep her own jewelry, clothes and her 2020 Audi Q5 following a court’s validation of her divorce.

When it comes to residential or commercial property, she’s keeping the Redondo Beach pad, and also splitting the earnings from sales of a  Studio City home with her ex, Daniel Gillies.

Rachel’s also keeping all of the benefits points of her bank credit cards such as frequent flyer miles/points, in addition to ownership of Ben’s Sister Productions Inc.

The expenses for their 2 pets and 2 felines will be shared by the ex couple.

Daniel, for his part, will be keeping his fashion jewelry and clothes too along with a 2019 BMW X6.

Neither will pay alimony or child support, and they’ll both  equally share custody of their 2 children. Daniel and Rachael were wedded in 2004 and got separated in 2019. Daniel, however,  filed for divorce in July 2020.

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