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Sonic Colors: Ultimate Developer Promises a Patch After Rough Launch

by Anthony McKenzie
Sonic Colors: Ultimate Developer Promises a Patch After Rough Launch

Sonic Colors: Ultimate just recently introduced throughout Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Following a variety of concerns primarily impacting the Switch variation of the video game, the advancement group at Blind Squirrel Games has actually assured to spot the title.

The studio thanked fans for their feedback on problems that have actually been surfacing within the video game on Twitter prior to revealing that it was “preparing a spot for release as quickly as possible”.

We value all the feedback we’ve gotten about Sonic Colors: Ultimate up until now. We’re listening and preparing a spot for release as quickly as possible.

If you’re experiencing any concerns with Sonic Colors: Ultimate, please send them straight to: https://t.co/oZOXuzhuRm

— Blind Squirrel Games (@Blind_Squirrel_) September 5, 2021

Sonic the Hedgehog social networks supervisor, Katie Chrzanowski likewise went on to thank fans for their perseverance– although kept in mind that the group had actually seen some visual problems in the video game that were being triggered by a Nintendo Switch emulator beyond the studio’s control. Regardless of some mistakes being brought on by making use of an emulator, a variety of reports from gamers detailing problems have actually likewise occurred that do not fall under this classification.

Have you played Sonic Colors Ultimate?

Across Twitter, fans have actually published clips sharing their torrid time with Sonic Colors: Ultimate on the Nintendo portable. Reports from gamers are diverse, with problems appearing to variety from glitchy level clearance screens to gamers failing the map. If you’re presently playing through Sonic Colors: Ultimate and wishes to flag any concerns you encounter the video game, then you can do so on Sega’s assistance page.

I no longer feel safe playing #SonicColorsUltimate. #NintendoSwitch pic.twitter.com/kJV69 xS6KP

— Trendy Brendy (@TrendanBrendan) September 4, 2021

Fan feedback hasn’t been the only issue that Blind Squirrel Games has actually needed to handle following the launch of Sonic Colors: Ultimate. The business was called out for not crediting Godot Engine, a complimentary open-source software application engine that they utilized to assist establish the video game. The studio acknowledged the error on Twitter where it stated, “We are really sorry about this oversight and are dedicated to effectively crediting all innovation that we utilize.” The studio then went on to state that the credit had actually been in some way missed out on following its internal checks however that it would be included throughout an approaching spot.

If you’re seeking to buy a copy of Sonic Colors: Ultimate for Nintendo Switch (or possibly with the present concerns a various platform) then ensure to have a look at our evaluation of the video game where we not just provided it an 8/10 however likewise stated that as a base video game it “still stays among the very best examples of how a contemporary Sonic video game ought to be.”

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