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Stock Market Falls as Investors Panic Following a Previous Fall in the Stock Market

by Anthony McKenzie

The US stock market suffered yet another fall this week as investors became bearish in response to the huge stock market fall that occured last week.

A massive drop in tech stocks saw the S&P 500 go on a three days bear run, which has been described as the worst in months. Tesla suffered the biggest drop among tech stocks. The electric car company, which still manages to convince stock market regulators and investors that it’s a tech company, dropped a shocking 21% in value. This is probably because most Americans who are now dealing with 2nd world poverty couldn’t care less about buying an expensive eco-friendly vehicle.

Another tech stock that suffered a steep drop is Apple, which fell almost 6.7%. With many Americans unable to even afford the fruit, it’s no surprise that the ridiculously overpriced gadget assembled by a Chinese minor is also seeing a huge drop in sales.

Other tech stocks that saw drops this week include Amazon, and that online platform were scientifically ignorant aunts gather for emtional support, Facebook.

Stock market experts have, however, advised investors not to panic as the market is only passing through a correction phase. Matt Maley from Miller Tabak explains that the present market fall is only temporary. He said ” when all your stock investments crash before your eyes, the best thing to do isn’t to panic but to take a breather and buy more stocks with the imaginary money left in your bank account.”


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