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“Thirsty Tekashi69” Ambushes Lil Durk Look-Alike In Dirty, Disrespectful Stunt

by Kevin Woodward

Tekashi69 is dehydrated for interest and playing in harmful area. The ‘GINE’ rap artist has actually been amping up his beef with Lil Durk for weeks to restore his job and has actually formally stooped to a lowest level.


6ix9ine is continuously playing harmful video games, and just when the globe believed he got some human modesty he revealed he can get back at dirtier, presenting utmost disrespect.

6ix9ine’s most current clout-chasing method has actually been to proactively troll Lil Durk unwarranted in wish to get his interest. Lil Durk has actually been continuing to be peaceful and tranquil throughout the “beef” requiring the “FEFE” rap artist to visit determined actions.

Tekashi’s most recent feat has him establishing a conference with Lil Durk look-alike, Perkio who just recently starred in the “Block List” rap artist’s brand-new video clip.

The “TROLLZ” rap artist continued to make a video clip gifting Perkio a coat with a photo of the late King Von on it– in order to disrespect Durk.

In the video clip, Perkio is plainly unpleasant with the exchange. He jumped on Instagram live instantly following the event and discussed that he had no concept what was mosting likely to take place clarifying:

” This was never ever meant to occur like never ever … I was just meant to collab with Stevewilldoit”

According to Perkio, he was converted he was meeting a Youtuber by the name of SteveWillDoIt. However, when the Durk apparition got there he rated upstairs and the YouTuber started to discuss 6ix9ine. Perkio states he began to stroll outdoors and was come close to by Tekashi & his staff.

Perk mentioned that what 6ix9ine did was afraid claiming “69 actually brother you require to man up brother go straight to Durk … you’re utilizing my face due to the fact that I appear like Durk you’re utilizing my face to disrespect the team.”

The look-a-like after that went on to call out 69 as a clout-chaser and talked on his aggravation with the rap artist taping him against his will certainly “every little thing you do is for authority, I informed you I had not been doing that.”

The attorneys for Tekashi69‘s 2 supposed burglary targets claim the rap artist’s brand-new track was focused on annoying them. 6ix9ine and his legal representatives refuted this complaint, claiming “GINE” was made to “refurbish” his profession by producing beef with Lil Durk


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