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Timothee Chalamet Sings in Wonka Set Video

by Kevin Woodward

Yesterday we were offered a very first consider Timothee Chalamet in the role of Willy Wonka in the upcoming innovator flick pertaining to movie theaters in 2023 from the star himself, and warm on the heels of that official expose comes some on-set video of the star executing among the music numbers that will certainly be included in the movie. The video shared on Twitter by individual @_ARTSARTSARTS shows Chalamet riding atop an automobile as the tune plays behind-the-scenes and he mimes along to it. While there have actually been some different viewpoints on the appearance of the personality, there is no question that his vocal singing voice is plainly as much as the job on the track concerned.

theydies and gentlethems, without additional trouble, the centerpiece … THEE timothée chalamet on my front door tape-recording a music number for wonka! and i am living! timmy country increase!!! pic.twitter.com/LswcIBSca9

— art (@_ARTSARTSARTS) October 12, 2021

As with any type of brand-new model of a well-liked personality, there will certainly constantly be those that welcome a brand-new star with open arms, and those who need to be dragged along for the flight kicking and yelling that “no-one can take on (insert selected star name right here)”. We have actually seen it with the Joker, James Bond, Doctor Who and a lot more throughout the years, and currently it is occurring with Willy Wonka, with the epic Gene Wilder being the man that can not be changed or improved.

However, this is an innovator film, not a remake or a reboot, so there ought to actually be no demand for such a contrast to be made, as Wilder’s performance in 1971’s Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory will certainly still be there for every person to indulge in once Wonka is released, and if anything, the flick will likely lead more individuals to find that treasure of a performance in its wake.

Wonka formally started filming previously this month and consists of a set cast consisting of Olivia Colman, Roman Atkinson, Sally Hawkins, Keegan-Michael Key, Matt Lucas and Tom Davis to name a few. While Netflix current obtained the legal rights to every one of Roald Dahl’s tales, and will certainly be no question creating their very own web content based upon Wonka in time, Warner Bros. innovator was currently settled on a previous agreement, that was concurred back in the 1990 s yet really did not start ahead to fulfillment up until the release of the Johnny Depp variation of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory Following that film, Warner Bros, kept the legal rights, which has actually enabled them to continue with their innovator.

Back when the flick was initially introduced, producer David Heyman fasted to highlight that the movie was not a remake of either of the previous Willy Wonka films, however at the time they tale was still being exercised.

We are still attempting to find out just how to inform that tale, what the tale is,” Heyman informed Collider. “It’s an innovator, it’s not a follow up. What makes Willy-when we locate him at the delicious chocolate manufacturing facility doing the gold ticket, where is he prior to that? What leads him to that location where he’s secured himself away? It’s exactly how does he arrive? We’re playing about with that. It’s not a remake … But it’s perhaps a beginning tale … It’s difficult due to the fact that you do not have Dahl, you do not have a Dahl publication, and yet you have a Dahl personality. I assume there’s a great deal in his personality that recommends who he is and likewise where he could come from or what his youth or his center age may have been like. We’re checking out that. We’re reviewing it. We’re in the extremely beginning and really ecstatic concerning what exists in advance.”

Now we are getting to see the very first looks of Timothée Chalamet and his take on the personality, we are likewise visiting much more viewpoints of whether he can or can not measure up to his precursors, however that is a reasoning that must truly be left up until the flick opens up on March 17 th, 2023.

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