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"I cannot reconcile with that kind of behavior in a leader. There really is something missing in him. Some basic element of humanity."

Author’s Note:  These questions were emailed to our D.C. Insider, who then responded.  Unfortunately, no follow-up was allowed.  We hope to be able to do a follow-up soon.  Some information was later edited per request prior to final publication.


Question:  How would you rate the performance of President Obama’s Tucson Tragedy speech?

Insider:  The speech itself was a remarkable display. Very powerful speech.  Perhaps the president’s finest moment since taking office.  The things happening outside the speech though left many of us wondering who was in charge of planning the event because that environment was almost a disaster.  You were right to call into question the t-shirts.  That was in very poor taste.  The excuse that the Obama administration had nothing to do with those t-shirts is completely false.  Every detail is run by the administration on this kind of event.  Every last detail.  Also, many who had attended were actually coached to be “very supportive” of President Obama.  I don’t agree that this should have been “Obama’s Oklahoma”.  The media is trying to make it just that, with the full support of the Obama White House/Jarrett.  Tucson was a terrible tragedy.  Oklahoma was something much-much bigger than that.  I find it more than a bit troubling to hear all this comparison between the two events.  And regarding Obama’s attitude on this tragedy.  Here is something that you will never hear from the media but that some witnessed shortly after the memorial service had finished.  Behind the staging area, Obama gave Michelle a “high five” and shared a laugh with her.  So within minutes of seeing what is Obama’s finest moment as president it is followed by one of his worst.  It is this easy and always there contradiction in the president that concerns me very very much.  He was just thrilled at his performance.  That was priority #1 for him.  It always is.  The motivation for his speech was not to heal following the tragedy, but to further appeal to the public and get their approval of him.  It’s similar to that story I told you about Obama coming into the military meeting at the WH.  He came in laughing and left early laughing.  Maybe a photo of the high five will be released?   I was told one was taken at any rate.  I cannot reconcile with that kind of behavior in a leader.  There really is something missing in him.  Some basic element of humanity.  Or humility???  Even by DC political standards the human element in Obama seems to be utterly absent.  I don’t get it. I don’t understand it.  And that scares the hell out of me.  So that’s my assessment of the Tucson speech.

Question:  Do you have anything to do with the anonymous-author Obama book coming out?

Insider:  What book?  :)   Look for more and more books to come out.  Odd to see it happen before a second term has even begun but with so many having left the WH,  more books will follow.

Question:  How do you feel about the attacks against Sarah Palin following the Tucson shooting?

Insider:  Palin?  I don’t really care one way or the other.  I read your defense of her.  Not bad, but frankly, Palin is no longer the threat she was to the party not so long ago.  I have heard first hand there is no way she gets the nomination.  As in NO WAY.  Understand?  I still find her appeal a fascinating thing to watch unfold, but she will not be a factor beyond some version of a conservative political cheer leader IMO.  Unless, and I will throw you a bit of a bone here, UNLESS something comes out on the birther stuff.  Yeah, I’m bringing it up myself here.  Something is out there but nobody wants to touch it.  The topic is coming up amongst us more than it ever has.  I’m talking people who mocked it, dismissed it before, who are now quietly saying something is stirring out there on this subject and it’s got the WH very concerned. Big time worried.  There are discussion in the WH about the issue.  And I think some of the Republican leadership has a whiff of it but all indications appear to be they want nothing to do with it.  It’s being buried deep. For now.  Barring something on that subject coming to light, I don’t see Sarah Palin playing a significant role as a candidate in 2012.  And the birther thing is not the scandal I have spoken of before.  THAT event is still unfolding. Maybe.  Issa and Co have sent out some interesting smoke signals in-house.  I think he may actually pursue something there.  If he does follow through, here is how it will likely go down based on the admittedly general information I have been told.  Something along the lines of the DOJ being investigated.  Perhaps the NBP case or similar.  Within the context of that investigation things will be lead back to Chicago.  Banking, election fraud, organized crime…so many possibilities there.  The activity in Chicago by WH operatives has been significant in recent months.  Everywhere I look, they pop up.  The damn unions are proving a real PITA for us.  They are still in big time damage control mode.  If Issa pushes hard, things will happen.  If he has been compromised somehow, it could all get buried.  I maintain as I always have that it starts in DC and then back to Chicago.  This is the path that could collapse the Obama White House.  On that I remain completely convinced. So much depends on Republican led investigations though.  Thought NYT had lead on story but now believe that to be incorrect.  WAPO information still seems credible though.  They continue to circle it I believe and WH knows this.

Question:  Is Hillary in 2012 still on the table? 

Insider:  Unfortunately, not nearly as much as a few months ago.  The last I was told, she is still playing coy on it among the donors, but actually weighing options for 2016, including retirement from public service. I don’t think that is her favorite option though.  Bill wants her to go for it, but their time together is more and more infrequent these days so his influence on her ultimate decision is secondary.  It disappoints me greatly.  I’m still hopeful something will happen to push Hillary back into being willing to take on Obama in 2012.  The investigations perhaps?  I will say this.  Prior to midterms, some of the big money was indicating being open to Hillary in ‘12. I believe I mentioned that to you or someone else at the time.  They were very unhappy w/Obama.  Pelosi was indicating she was to assist in placing considerable pressure against Obama. She had/has information damaging to the president.  It may be related to the birther stuff.  I remain confident saying that.  Then something happened.  It was a seismic shift in sentiment.  Deals were likely made. Enough that the donors backed away from open support of Hillary and Pelosi was given the minority position and then she quickly backed off as well.  It was a total 180 from the months before.  Whatever was done to make that happen so quickly was significant, but people are not talking. ????

Question:  William Daley to the WH.  I assume that was the big news you spoke of regarding big changes in the administration coming.  Congratulations on another good call.  And Gibbs is gone too.

Insider:  The Daley appointment is HUGE.  If there wasn’t the shooting in Tucson, it would be the number one story right now heading into the SOTU.  Bill Daley is good people.  I like and respect him a lot.  His going to the Obama White House is a clear indicator of just how desperate Obama and Jarrett have become to try and connect with the American people again.  Daley is the kind of Democrat I and most others understand.  How he will fit in with the Obama administration???? That I don’t understand.  If they listen to him, and no scandal breaks open before the election, Obama will probably win a 2nd term w/o much difficulty.  Daley is sharp.  I would gladly work for a man like Bill Daley.  I would no longer be willing to work for a man like Barack Obama.  So that makes for an interesting situation, huh?  I’m gonna be watching the dynamics of this one closely.  FYI: Daley coming to the WH was Jarrett’s call 100%.  Obama was basically told he was going to be the new Chief of Staff.  And I would remind you that it was me who told you that this was Jarrett’s White House some time ago, remember? And who is now the last one standing?  Valerie Jarrett.  As for Gibbs, I really thought that was going to happen sooner, so can’t take much credit for giving you that one.  He was to announce leaving much sooner but then was told to hold off on that announcement.  Jarrett wanted him to hold off IMO.  Not sure why.  Perhaps the administration was looking too chaotic?  At any rate, as I said Jarrett now remains.  It’s her White House.  Will be very interesting to watch and see if Daley challenges that, especially if he has Chicago information that could compromise Jarrett/Obama.  Some deal there?  So many questions on this one I don’t know where to start.

Question:  I was told by another source that President Obama’s health remains a “concern” within the White House?  Can you confirm?

Insider:  I can’t confirm beyond the fact I have heard similar things as well, maybe a bit more.  I have not seen the president in person for some time now.  I do believe he is still being treated for some form of depression or related issue.  And his smoking remains a concern. He has not quit.  So I have nothing more than what you have already heard.  I would like to know who told you though.  -Deleted- at WAPO?

Question:  Prediction?

Insider:  I still believe a primary challenge from the Democratic Party will come against Obama, and will be announced within next few months.  I also believe Mike Huckabee is the frontrunner for the Republicans and the man most capable of defeating Obama in 12.  More important to any of that though is what comes out of  House oversight in the next month or so.  If it appears quiet, I fear a deal was made and Obama survives the scandal.  Oh, and also heard from reliable source Geithner soon to announce he is leaving.  He will be the next big name to drop in this administration.  There was apparently quite a battle over that over last couple months but in the end Jarrett sided with recomendation he should step down.  If Geithner has lost Jarrett’s support then he is in fact done.